Saturday, May 3, 2014

Down 3


Did you read that? The bathroom scale moved down! I can even taken it further, 3 lbs. down.

3 lbs. D

I haven't been down 3 lbs. in what seems in my world FOREVER AGO. I struggle to keep my mind at ease when I don't see the scale move down or freak out when it heads up.

I don't know what has done it. The green tea? The eating breakfast? The cutting back on fast food? The cooking at home? Taking my lunch 2 days last week to work?

How about... all of the above?

I don't know what is the difference. I do know I just want to keep going strong. Failure or fear keep on moving... it's been here far too long. I'm ready for a new add-on's like confidence and determination.

I looked silly today, I laughed and whooped for joy! Whooped for joy.... yes I did that. Is it possible? Just ask my kiddo, she awoke and looked at me strangely, but then she got me doing some crazy dance called "The Nae Nae." Makes me feel like I'm a drunkin' beauty queen waving...

This quote is fitting for today...

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