Monday, December 31, 2012

Forge Onward

Words for my year in review... Weight struggles, giving up, unmotivated, realizations, inspired, captivated, sincere and aha! In summing my year up I believe that I need to forge onward in a strong healthy life.

2013 Resolution List
  •  Start off by shedding the 1st 10 lbs.
  •  Keep a clean house
  •  Write more
  •  Throw a fabulous dinner party
  •  Go dancing with my husband
  •  Plan more girls night out with Annaleigh
  •  Work out
  •  Eat at least 1 to 2 veggie meals a week
  •  Stop being a couch potato
  •  Cook at home
  •  Avoid the restaurant scene
  •  Start my bucket list
Leaving 2012 behind with positive momentum and carrying it over to 2013!


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