Friday, December 14, 2012


Last week, on Wednesday, 12/5/2012  to be exact I was in a car collision. The other driver was at fault, but it was the most disturbing, frightening moment of my life. I felt like a little girl when I realize that car was aiming right at me and when I knew there would be no way to avoid contact and then wait for that split second for impact.
I'm OK, I'm bruised and banged up, but I keep reminding myself that I could have been worse off. I have a sprain knee and have a brace on and left the hospital in crutches. I was the only one in the car, thank GOD. I'm more of a nervous wreck when I think about "What if Annaleigh had been in the car with me?", then I get emotional and am thankful she was not.
Past few nights I wake up sweating reliving the collision and wake up so stressed out. My husband assures me that everything will be fine. I only pray it will be so!

I haven't been eating much and I haven't weighed in, so I'm on a mission. First things first, recuperating, keeping off my leg until I can see an orthopedic Dr., who by the way, his office ruined my appointment this past Wednesday and can't see me until 1/2/2013. This was upsetting and I could have cried! I know people make mistakes, but I could have avoided my mother-in-law driving me and an awkward walking with crutches into the building and office.

Again frustration!

I'm upset, yes, but when I see all the horrors on the nightly news I'm grateful to be alive to appreciate my family and love every one of them another day.

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