Saturday, November 3, 2012

Over Thinking

Let's not over think this...

I have filled my brain with constant information of being healthy. I'm a collector of diet books... a impressive collection with loads of information, half the time contradicting each other. I'm a terrible fad diet book buyer; meaning every new year I go to the bookstore to purchase the new craze diet books that well shrink belly fat; make me a former fat girl, or cook myself thin, eat this and not that... and as crazy as it sounds I love reading those book and trying them out. There are times when I do feel like I have energy and can conquer anything, but I become over loaded with diet information and I fall off the wagon.

Over thinker, over eater, over analyze... let me not over do this any longer.

I like inspiring sayings... one of my favorite things about keeping myself motivated is to find positive ways to keep me going.... that will be something I will start again.

Here's one for today:

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