Saturday, November 10, 2012

A Thin Me?

Is there a thin person in me?

Have you ever read those successful stories that say they always knew there was a thin person inside? I'm a little nervous, because I'm not sure if there is a thin person inside me.
I kind of laugh at the thought, a thin me? Please! A silly image comes to mind and not sure that I can pull it off.

I do feel that there is a healthy person inside me just wanting to break free of all this process food. After taking a close look at what I eat... you could call me a Process Queen or a Fast Food Queen. It's disgusting really! I have to admit I'm a little more than ashamed and feel like a food whore!

I'm going to have to start over, which is like teaching an old dog new tricks. Alright, I'm being over dramatic again. I can do this, no sweat. I do know that process food is convenient, but filled with all the wrong things! I'll just have to cook from scratch. Sounds intimidating, but I have always loved cooking and I do have a 10 year old who needs to learn to get around the kitchen. She'll love helping me prepare our meals.... I'll keep my fingers crossed!

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