Saturday, September 8, 2012

Goal Setting Day

1. Must eat Breakfast.

I know I thrive better during the day if I have made me a healthy breakfast to start my day off.

2. Water intake must meet the full 8 glasses a day.

Especially now that I am on day 5 of drinking my water and turning my nose up at soda!

3. Give up my 5 days a week coffee cup.

That's right, I only drink coffee during the work week, usually because the night before I have tossed and turned waking up super tired and coffee gives me that PICK ME UP. Remember I'm guilty as charged for adding coffee to my French vanilla creamer , NOT the healthiest way to drink coffee.

4. Make a 5 day snack box to last the work week. (5 refrigerated items and 5 portion controlled)

I saw this idea on pinterest and thought what a great idea! There will be NO EXCUSE to binge on junk food, when I have brought healthy snacks to eat!

5. Give myself (2) allowances to eat out at work with friends throughout the week.

This goal is allowing me to be able to still socialize with my friends during lunch.

6. Take lunch 3 times out of the week; must include a veggie and a fruit.

That being said, I have to start to take more control of what I am putting in my mouth. I want to be able to eat vegetables and fruits daily, because if I took a closer look at my diet now and I can tell you I don't eat enough of either.

7. (1) night vegan dinner/vegetarian dinner/meatless

Now this is pushing past my comfort zone. I love eating meat, whether it's chicken or beef, it's time to start cutting back and adding more veggies to OUR dinner time.

8. Morning workout Tabata training 20 sec workout/10 sec rest= 4 minute total. Include a evening walk around school or neighborhood at least 3x's a week.

Working out has been far off my list and I know I am out of shape, but when I think back when I first tried this Tabata training I felt good and I thrived in the mornings and that's what I need to get myself up and moving. The evening walk, I want to be able to include my family too.

What do you think? Too many goals to start off? I thought it might be at first, but then I thought "comfort zone", I never push past it. Becoming comfortable for me, means I don't move forward. Challenging and changing is what I need and want to be doing for myself from here on out!

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