Sunday, June 3, 2012

So I Have An Idea

Right now my brain feels like it is going to explode after giving myself a surf the web with weight loss and healthy eating topics. Do you know there is so much information out there? It's basically everything I have ever read, seen or heard and now I have a headache! It's just too much information for someone  like me to take in all at once.

I'm on a desperate mission. I have made it my mission to give my family a better healthy eating options for dinner. We are usually all together for a sit down dinner. To be honest last month I didn't cook much and we ate out so much I'm sick of it! I'm more guilty than Mark and Annaleigh... I'm eating out at work also, so that makes me terrible for wasting money on fast food and poor choices times 2!

But... I have this idea...

My family and I need better choices for dinner and WE need to prepare them together. This is the idea... I already have a plan meal Monday thru Friday. Some of these meals are new to us, but we need change. I have gotten my recipes from blogs that I have read and love, and from healthy books that I have collected throughout my plan to get healthy.

Here's my momentum for today...

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