Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Fear And Frustration

I wish I could say, hey I've lost  20 lbs since the last time I blogged on here, but the fact is I haven't lost anything! Oh frustration has set in and I'm at my witts end! My month on weight watchers was a no go for me. Counting points is just not for me. I truly believe if I went to meetings it might be different.

The last post in October was about my family being overweight. The days are just zooming on by and before I know it, the holidays will be right around the corner and I feel as if we will need to prepare for dooms day and this shouldn't have to be the case for us.

I'm having trouble getting myself back on track. I am apparently maintaining a three pound gain and three pound loss. This would be great, if I was at my goal weight! I'm unmotivated and feel pressure on myself to get my family involve with getting healthy! I honestly don't know where to begin! Life seems to be a little more complicated lately and I feel as I can't take control of situations and when I feel as I have no control, I feel as I might explode into a billion of unidentifiable pieces!

Maybe I'm making excuses for fear of succeeding; but who does that? It's what I want; I want to succeed and I want my family to succeed! I've asked myself these questions many times before but I don't ever have the answer. I have to delve deep into my self conscience and who knows what might come to surface.

Something's gotta give!

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