Sunday, October 2, 2011

This Is Hard

I am so tired of trying to lose weight! I'm tired of trying to watch what I eat. I'm tired of counting points, given I have only been on Weight Watcher for almost a month. I'm tired of having a hurt knee. I'm tired of losing and gaining the same few pounds. I'm tired of being fat.

That's my Sunday morning whine!

Losing weight is hard. I don't think I have ever really said those words before and maybe I have, but this time around I'm really feeling the pressure. The pressure isn't coming from anyone, but myself. The pressure to succeed with weight loss and seeing the same numbers is just devastating and truly disappointing to me.

Also, just when I think I have figured something about my weight problem, I take on a new direction. How do I succeed? I've made changes. Lots of changes, but these changes aren't enough to help me move forward.

What's my next move? How do I connect the pieces to my very own weight loss puzzle? Frustrating.

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