Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Lost Motivation

There is a few weeks left in October and I have yet to make any goals for some time now. Of course we all know losing weight is my main goal. I am feeling lost and confused about the whole process. I am beginning to see a pattern here. Every couple of months I am going through a "spell" of lost and confusion ... I don't know what this means. If you read any past blogs, I'm complaining about losing weight being difficult, but then I say I can't give up or quit. My motivation is down! I feel my energy slipping. My workouts are non existence for about a month now due to a hurt knee.
How do I go about regaining my motivation?
I may need to post flyer's around town:

                                                          LOST MOTIVATION
If you find my motivation, could you direct it back to me as soon as possible? I'm missing it desperately!

I'll find my grove again. I know this rut can't last forever!

Back to the October goals, I have about two weeks left, give or take. I'm going to aim for a four pound loss. That's realistic for me and this may give me that renewed momentum I'm so desperately seeking!

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