Sunday, March 6, 2016

The Downside

My body hurts. I would use the excuse that turning 40 in November of last year is the reason for the hurting, but I know it's being fat. My unhealthy choices have caught up with me.

F-A-T... I don't think I have really ever claimed out loud of being fat. It's not a nice word and it definitely doesn't make me proud or do my self esteem any justice. I now associate being fat with pain. Not every overweight person is going to experience the same problem, but for me, it is pain with my knees. Since the last two weeks my knees have been hurting, I have been walking with a limp and popping anti-inflammatory pills to get through the day. I am miserable.

Being overweight does indeed have it's downside... and I am not to happy with it.

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