Thursday, August 13, 2015

Change Accepted

Just a little persuasion, if you will.

A moment of clarity.

I am feeling fearless.

No explanation needed when I'm feeling this awesome.

I don't know what it is, maybe it's the hot weather, maybe it's the acceptance of being simply me, maybe it's the appreciation of the smallest of enjoyment. Whatever it is... I'm ready to step into my weight loss adventure with renewed vigor. I'm tired of the stalling or waiting for the "tomorrows" that are always put off until tomorrow. I'm inspired and in need to PROVE to ME that I can get where I want to be... healthy. I'm ready for change.

If you remember not to long ago, how I have feared change and cringe at the thought of it. Well I'm up for the challenge. If I don't accept change, everything and everyone will move into the next part of their lives and I will forever be left behind wishing alone. I'm embracing the change in my life. It's been unexpected and there is no running away, but to enter head on and know that I am stronger than I think. I have hit road bumps, jumped through flaming hoops, even riding emotional roller coasters, but still I manage to fight and forge on pure hope, faith and trust.

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