Monday, November 25, 2013


Yes I know I have been missing in action once again. Of course it's to hide out and avoid the disappointing news. I'm beginning to wonder if my posts will always be negative news about my weight.

Weight loss has not been a number one priority. Say what!? Terrible I know, but guess what guys I'm ready. I'm jumping back in with renewed determination. I know what you might be thinking... "But Christine, WTH, Thanksgiving is a few days away and you want to start new again, right now?" It sounds insane, but for me, it feels like the right time at the wrong time.

Did I mention I'm having Thanksgiving lunch at our home with both sides of the family? Nerve racking, but I'm excited! Feeling a little pressure, but I'm not stressing it!

This weekend we had snow and my kiddo thought she'd have a blast playing in the snow.

Her Mini Snowman.


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