Monday, October 21, 2013

Back To Square One

My husband has lost 40 pounds! YEAH! SOOOO HAPPY FOR HIM!

That's the cheerleader in me. I AM very proud of him. I have seen him give have 100% determination and have 100% motivation to lose those 40 pounds. I have given him the talk about the scale not moving down, but to keep going because underneath it... a few days will get that scale moving again.

Now as happy as I am for him, I can't help, but be jealous of him. How come I can't get motivated like him?! How come I can't be as determined as him?!

Frustration can really keep a girl stubborn. That's me... stubborn to the core. I tend to over analyze and over complicate the simplest of situations.

Back to square one. I have to start there. Stinks, but it has to be done. Square one it is!

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