Friday, January 1, 2016

Here We Go 2016

2016 you are going to be full of surprises.

This is it, there is no reason to live in the past and dwell over failures or feeling like a 40-year-old divorce cliché/statistic. This is the year I realize how many dreams I want to finally achieve and kick fear on it's ass!

This is the year I make a little dent in my world for myself and I'm feeling pretty confident. I literally sat down and did a packet of papers to leave 2015 behind and decided what I wanted for 2016. Yes, many of us sit down and write down our resolutions, but this time it was different. I went in depth with what I disliked about last year and what I wanted for this year. Whether it's realistic or not I feel empowered and excited to move forward...

I'm rocking 2016 with a word in mind:

Why this word?
For me it means I'm not afraid to take that crazy step forward that seems to always immobilize me in the past. I am ready to have the adventure that allows me to explore my creativity. I am ready for the adventure with my family and friends. I am ready to have the last adventure with my health. I am ready to have the adventure with my life.
I walk in 2016 with confidence, excitement and a smile. I think that is all anyone ever needs, especially when you have emotions like mine. 

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