Wednesday, December 4, 2013

No Judge Zone

I didn't run with excuses today... if fact they never entered my mind, not once. Unbelievable! It took one post to undo some negative thinking... go figure. My workout also felt a little easier in some places. I might have to step it up a notch.

Today my husband was home. Remember I told you that he has been losing weight and riding his bike. I had been working out at home, while he has been out working on the road and came home late last night. Well, I had only one little dilemma and that was Mark would be home to see me workout. I have don't workout in front of him, due to things moving side to side, jugs doing jiggles and let's not forget a whole lot of unnatural breathing. He volunteered to cook Chinese with lots of veggies for dinner, so he was in the kitchen chopping veggies most of the time. I kept shouting at him a play by play during a quick intermission. I just didn't want him to judge me. In the end I was done and relaxed. No judgment, or criticizing from him. Thank goodness, because I might have snapped his head off, ninja style!

I feel pretty good right now. Off to go relax with the family.

Here's some motivation for me...

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