Saturday, April 27, 2013

Pause and Go

I feel like I have fallen into the world of failure again, but I haven't!

I have just been B L A N K... ever have that happen to you?

I recently just started Meal Planning and I am enjoying it. Of course cooking every night is just something I have to get use to, but I'm using better ingredients, controlling the sodium in our diets and pushing more fruits and vegetables daily. It's worth it!

Last week I made breakfast 3 out of 5 days and I could tell the difference. The days I didn't eat breakfast I felt so tired and just couldn't get my every day groove going!

On a different note I have quit drinking the soda!

It wasn't as difficult as I was expecting... I Facebook my last drink of Dr. Pepper on March 16, 2013. 6 weeks since that last delicious drink! I really don't miss it, so much as the carbonation!

My next move is to take away the morning coffee. I dread this one. For some strange reason, during the week I have trouble sleeping and in the morning I drink the laced coffee with French vanilla. It's first used to wake me up and next to keep me moving until lunch time. I know terrible! I have implemented a water reminder app on my phone. It's coming in handy this past week. I don't know if I can rid myself of coffee! It's another big step, but necessary!

Summarizing, I have taken baby steps and I actually feel better about myself this time around!

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