Thursday, July 26, 2012

Square One, Again

Walking the plank of shame... I have to start at square one... again! I've been on this square for the longest time and haven't budged in the right direction.

I need to remember... what is the goal behind losing weight?

The goal is... to get healthy; to be healthy!

Here are my don't-want-to's...
I don't want to feel winded by taking stairs anymore. I don't want to feel my feet throb anymore. I don't want to feel my knees ache. I don't want to shop in the plus size section anymore. I don't want to fail anymore!

Here are my do's...
I do want to start working out! I do want to start eating better. I do want to have the energy to do everything! I do want to see the scale move down. I do want to drink more water. I do want to succeed!

Again, back to square one and praying with all my might to get moving in the right direction! Of course praying doesn't quite help too much to get the job done, but action does... I pray I get into taking action to get healthy!

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