Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Week Three

Week three is getting difficult. After having a wild 10 year old birthday slumber party with many goodies this past Saturday for my daughter. I'm trying to recover and keep myself motivated!

Drinking less soda, in fact I have down sized from large to small and not everyday! A small step, but I'm heading in the right direction. Keeping my 10 pound goal in mind and ready to see that scale head in the right DOWN direction.

Monday I had my first carb-free supper. Meatloaf and lots and lots of veggies. I struggled about 30 minutes afterwards; with my stomach growling like I hadn't eaten, but I refused to go back into the kitchen. There was no point in tempting or taunting myself into failing. I really missed the mashed potatoes. I don't know if it was mind over matter or I just have instilled bad food habits; like an addiction. Tuesday, I had a few tortilla chips with my taco salad. I don't know if eating a few or no carbs is a benefit to me. Tonight I plan on eating light since I had a big lunch, pizza which I know is not good for me. I felt tired, bloated and plain miserable.

I know I NEED to eat breakfast. I feel better and I feel like I have so much energy and I'm not trying to eat whatever I can get my hands on.

I woke up this morning and did a 4 minute workout. I know what you might be thinking, 4 minute workout... easy as pie... not this 4 minute workout. It was hard and I was slow, but when I was done, my body didn't ache anymore.

I'm adding more to my regimen, but trying to keep my head above water. Focusing, it's always been a problem. I start off strong then I slowly give myself excuses to binge here; just a little and of course, a little can mean forgetting everything I'm striving for to succeed.


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