Sunday, January 11, 2015

Mediocre, No More

I'm a simple kind of girl who just wants the simple kind of life.

You know that sentence right now sounds heavenly. SIGH

This past week has been a reflection, not a terrible thing to come face to face. The time is right to enjoy this NEW inner me. I kind of like this part of me who is focusing on only me. I don't feel selfish. I feel as if doing this I can enjoy my surroundings more and appreciate the people I love more.

Changing behavior is a slow process. Have you ever notice that? Especially for someone like me. Change is like plunging a dagger to my comfort zone. I dread change. I hate changing what works mediocre for me. I'm tired of settling for mediocre. This is the point in my life when I can't stand the mediocre solutions any more. Why did I ever think it was the best solution? I can't be afraid of the work that has to get me where I really want to be... and being where I want to be is unknown, but for once I'm not afraid to push myself ahead.

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