Saturday, December 10, 2011

Need To Plan and Prepare

This past week has been a BIG eye opener. I never knew how much I complained. I would have never have described myself as a complainer, but all week it has been wah, wah, wah... at every little thing. Mood swings just make everyone around me want to disperse and I so appreciate my Husband's patience... I'm lucky to have him! Poor Annaleigh, she's just ready to snap at her mom!

Almost every night this week I have had leg cramps! I am starting to realize how badly dehydrated I am and not getting my weekly dose of potassium is catching up to me!

So I woke up this morning and decide to change my morning routine. I ate breakfast and drank a glass of water. What I have been doing is drinking several cups of coffee in the morning at work and consider that my breakfast! Skipping breakfast is usually a morning breaker. I feel sluggish and temporarily out of order!

Today is just a new day to start over. Taking things ONE day at a time is OK. I have to remind myself of that and make adjustments. Hmmm, maybe I should break it down even farther down such as, to breakfast, to lunch, to snack, to supper! PLAN AND PREPARE! Oh this has always been a weak spot for me. PLAN AND PREPARE!

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  1. I think changing your mindset is a top priority. Just tell yourself you will do something - be it exercise or a healthy meal - and there will be no argument with yourself. I think I would be super fit and slim if I spent more time ACTUALLY doing the exercise, rather than arguing with myself of why I can't or shouldn't! lol Take it one meal, one bite, one thought at a time. You will get there in the end =)